organisationPresident: Giuliano Rota Martir
Mobile       +39 329 862 59 90

Vice-President: Antonio Coffetti

Secretary: Rocco Todeschini


TreasurerRemo Ceriotti


Press Office: Elena Fiorino


Website Manager: Fabio Bestetti

Giuliano Rota Martir (President)
Antonio Coffetti (Vice-president)
Remo Ceriotti (Treasurer)
Gianantonio Tagliabue
Elizabetta Rota
Luciano Rovelli
Giovanni Mazzoleni
Claudio Salvetti
Leonardo Rossi
Massimo Todeschini
Marco Agazzi
Parroco: Don Giulivo Facchinetti
Rocco Todeschini (Secretary)

Daniela Taiocchi
Mabel Giraldo

Aggregate Advisors
Saverio Padova
Tarcisio Rota
Luigi Rota

Statute and Rules

statuteStatutes and rules define purposes, activities, organization, operations of the NPO and participation criteria.


membersMembers are the core of the life of the NPO. They are the ones who signed the NPO statute and rules and are committed to actively pursue its goals.
Membership of the Association is not time limited, with the exception, however, of the right of withdrawal.
The application form must be submitted in writing to the Board which then deliberates on the eligibility of the applicant.

NPO Bodies

npo-bodiesGeneral management, administration and operation of the NPO are ensured by the NPO functions that form its organizational structure. They are Members' General Meeting and Board.